their transsexual summer

‘My Transsexual Summer’ on Channel 4 has been attracting large audiences. It has drawn criticism from within the trans community (and indeed elsewhere) for its sensationalism, selective editing, dodgy voicovers- not least because of the high hopes that accompanied the launch of the series, after Trans Media Watch were consulted over the making of the series.

On the other hand, there has been an increase in awareness of trans issues among the cisgendered viewers, and a lot of positive response.

Who’s been watching? What did you think of it?

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8 Responses to their transsexual summer

  1. Pippa says:

    I have been watching it every week and on the most part i like the show,,but on the other hand there are things about it that i don’t like and they are….
    1) they seem to focus only on Drew,Sarah and Lewis and leave Donna,Max,Karen and Fox in the sidelines
    2) as a trans woman myself it has left me realising just how far i have to go and i am really impatient to get further on my journey to becoming who i am meant to be.

    Having said that I really like the show apart from that

  2. Christine Beckett says:

    Love it….

    It’s not perfect but then what is? But it makes me smile, and laugh out loud, and shed the odd tear.

    A fair few folk have asked me questions about it and myself. If it opens minds, educates and gets people interested in learning more, then it has got to be a good thing,

    I think it’s a winner, and it’s perhaps the best media coverage transgender people have had so far, because it is reaching far more people than a pure, 100% perfect documentary would ever have.


  3. Susan Ward says:

    I have really enjoyed this programme, largely due to the engaging personalities of the participants. And they aren’t a homogeneous group, are they? It succeeds in demystifying transsexuality, and in its attempt to inform an ignorant population about the issues surrounding this complex phenomenon in a humane and lighthearted way. Making this palatable viewing for the prejudiced oiks who still get everyone’s back up can’t be such a bad thing. Yes, there is a torrent of cliches, visually and verbally – but then what is expressed gender differentiation in any given society but a set of cliches about clothing, make up, deportment, and preoccupation ?

  4. I had no idea what to expect from My Transexual Summer before it aired but when the show arrived on the screen enjoyed watching it. Some people have said the show was badly titled but it was eye catching and helped give the show a lighter twist. I’d like to know what the other titles were Channel 4 considered to resolve my curiosity but feel they couldn’t have picked a better title than the one they did. There were faults and clichés people have mentioned but none of that was overwhelming. There was a balance to be struck between appealing to the mainstream and transgender community and given the ratings and comments feel they achieved that.

    What I’m left with is asking were we go from here in terms of prominent role models, engagement with mainstream society, the media and politicians, and the deal trans get. How much has My Transexual Summer helped? I think it has done some good but also feel trans need a bigger discussion to see where we go next.

    On a personal level I’m still undecided how much this show has helped or hindered. Some of the challenges with the NHS and personal challenges seen on the show are things I can identify with which does help settle them in my mind. This doesn’t necessarily change anything but the fact other people can meet the challenge and know you’re not alone must go some way to helping anyone who is wrestling with being transgender.

  5. Dru says:

    Sounds like we’re pretty much agreed on the prog! My takes on it are here:
    initial response

    …and after watching the whole series

    ..sorry, thought it was easier to post links than just say the same things again 🙂

  6. I just caught up with Shout Out and heard you giving your potted view of MTS on there. Your view was very reasonable and the links will make useful additional reading.

  7. hoyland54 says:

    One of my children is a trans man and I found this series on You Tube the day before it was taken down today, or overnight last night, for copyright violation. I only saw the first episode and would love to see the rest, but Channel 4 says the only way I can is to have a US network buy it from them and broadcast it. If you know how I can see this, please let me know.

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