thinking meetings

We’re looking at likely places for a first group meet-up. Thinking Stokes Croft / Gloucester Road at the mo.

What issues need addressing?  Over on the Facebook page, it has been suggested that we should just socialise to start with; but, important though that is, we also need to develop some idea of who we all are and what we are expecting from the group. Should we be open only to trans identified people?

Please add suggestions either below or on Facebook, and we can try to create some sort of agenda.

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3 Responses to thinking meetings

  1. As much as I’ve been hugely into creating agendas they can get overwhelming and impersonal so have been thinking it would be better to keep agendas low profile at the start and really focus on the social aspect. I’m slightly surprised that I had this reaction and not entirely sure why but feel for a whole load of undefined reasons it will avoid arguing and help create a more comfortable space. Maybe it’s a way around the psychological issues of authoritarian hierarchy and getting over social fears built up over being trans? If we identify our shared values and bond together this would create a more sustainable and better platform? More workable and friendly?

    Stokes Croft/Gloucester Road is great for me as I live locally and don’t have a car. There’s plenty of venues (and some council owned property which may be made accessible if someone asks nicely) and it’s fairly safe with bus stops and parking for people who do travel.

    Cafe Kino advertises itself as being trans friendly and all the hipsters and politicians make a show of going in there so is an obvious choice for consideration. It’s a bit bright and noisy for me so if there’s anywhere more comfortable that serves booze it might be worth checking out as an alternative. Some of the pubs are good during the day but I have no idea what they’re like at night so not much help there.

  2. Jenny Alto says:

    With respect to opening to trans identified people only, I appreciate the reasons why some people might wish do do this to create a safe space free of admirers.

    If this is under discussion though it’s probably worth my reminder that many of us may have partners, and that sometimes our partners might not conform to the stereotype of a natal female wife of an MtF.

    I am thinking in particular of a trans friend of mine who is happily married to a cisgendered heterosexual bloke, and who was given the cold shoulder at another group as a result.

  3. Meghan says:

    I totally agree Jenny, I’ve got a partner of 12 years (and still married until I get my GRC, then sadly a C.P, unless the conservatives gets their fingers out in the next year or so) and she is totally supportive but does feel very out of place out out local group (but I do as well, as it’s very t.v. heavy and that’s no offense to t.v’s, but we have totally different view points and issues to relate to); so maybe it could also include partners as well and only partners.

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