getting help

If you’re trans and you’re finding your way through the NHS services that you hope to help you by providing you with what you need and want, you may run into problems.
I have a high regard for the help that was given me by the NHS, but I am not uncritical of some aspects of it. At Charing Cross, for instance, there are some terrifically good people. There is also an admin system that has come in for a lot of criticism.

Say, for instance, you’ve been told that you’ve been discharged from the care of a gender clinic for failing to make an appointment; but you’d not actually been notified that you actually had an appointment in the first place.

If you have been discharged from the care of the clinic through your own action or lack of action, then you would have to reapply to the clinic via your GP. This could (will) take a long time. So it’s as well to go to appointments that you’ve been given. Obviously. It also means that you aren’t wasting the time of people with a heavy workload, and delaying other people who actually do want an appointment.

But if you’ve been discharged because of an error on the part of the clinic, then you may want to do something about it.

  • First off, get in touch with the clinic, and explain the problem. If they accept that they’ve made an error, then the problem will be solved.
  • If you get no resolution there, try the local PALS (Patient Advice and Liason Service), which in the case of the Claybrook Centre would be the WLMHT PALS (click for link).
  • You may also like to contact your local PCT (Primary Care Trust). The PCT is the body that commissions services from outside their area, so they are paying the gender clinic for looking after you. And you may reasonably suppose that they would be interested in a situation where they are paying for something that does not work. Here’s the website for Bristol.
  • You should also advise your GP, of course.

If you don’t feel confident about taking action, just ask for help, either here or on the Facebook group page.

If anyone has further useful advice to add, please do so in comments; and we shall make this into a page in the drop-down info section.

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