An Historic Day

Lord Mayor raises flag

Yesterday, for the first time ever, Bristol City Council held a public event aimed specifically at trans people. At 2:00pm, in front of City Hall, the Lord Mayor, the Rt. Hon. Councillor Alastair Watson, raised the transgender flag to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance. A number of other City Councillors were in attendance. The event was organised by the Rainbow Group, the LGBT staff network at the City Council. Local MPs were busy elsewhere, but two tweeted their support today:

Press coverage of the event has been good. Here are some links.

The official City Council press release.

A report on the Bristol Post website.

A report on the Bristol 24/7 website.

Shout Out Radio mentioned the occasion and had a clip from the Lord Mayor’s speech.

The event was also filmed by Made in Bristol TV, though we don’t as yet know whether anything will be broadcast.

Here’s some video of the flag raising taken by Michelle Hine.

Also in shot is the Lady Mayoress, Mrs. Sarah Watson. In the background in the orange coat is Daniella Radice, the Leader of the Green Party on Bristol City Council.

TDOR head table


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