on the radio


Bristol’s got a couple of places where trans voices are regularly heard on the radio; Cheryl Morgan on Ujima comes to mind, and the nice folk at Shout Out on BCFM (check them out if you haven’t already done so!).

I got a call out of the blue this morning, asking if I could go on Steve Darvill’s programme on BBC Radio Bristol, to talk about my experience of hate crime. They had my contact details because I’ve been on there before. I agreed, and spoke of my own experience. But I also had time to get some lowdown from a young friend whose experience of harassment in the LGBT community is perhaps more immediate and current, and I was able to quote her.

This was obviously not as good as having her speak for herself, of course, and I’m conscious that traditionally the most-heard voices from the trans community are those from my bit of it- middle aged, white, MtF, blah blah. I wonder what you think about having a ‘go to’ list of Bristol people prepared to go on radio, from a wider range of trans and queer identities?

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