Trans Helpline for Bristol Seeks Volunteers


As per the flyer above, Bristol Mind is looking to launch a telephone helpline for trans people. They are looking for volunteers to help staff the service. There’s no salary, but they do pay expenses. For further information about the work, and how to sign up for the training programme, see this information sheet.


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5 Responses to Trans Helpline for Bristol Seeks Volunteers

  1. Pip Robinson says:

    Hi there,
    My pal is new to the Trans community and lives in very rural Devon so its very difficult for him to explore his new way of living without looks and smirks so I’m really keen to take him along to a social or something so he can make a few connections and friends who understand where he’s coming from. I live in London but he’s in South Devon so Bristol is the obvious choice of location to meet some people. Do you know of any regular meet ups or socials that we could attend to meet people?

    Thanks so much,

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